11695718_1043190225699497_3253147914418825868_nWe have won a huge victory here in Encinitas, in our struggle to save the bee, we have payed close attention to the damage pesticides and herbicides place on our bees. parks and Rec are announcing their plans to start to start a pilot park, glen park in cardiff to be specific. it is their plan to run it entirely chemical free for one year, if that works out, it is their intention to make all parks in Encinitas chemical free. i found parks and rec to be incredibly helpful, As they said, ‘our children and our dogs play in these parks too, we don’t want to see them poisoned either’ This is a great victory for our fragile eco system. Although much of the damage does not come from public property at all, it is sold by the gallons at the local hardware store. The private sector is the next on our hit list. There are loads of natural alternatives to chemicals that are just a useful , education and availability is the key.