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Farmers Market Scene

Encinitas Farmers Market: A Bounty of Local Freshness

Discover the vibrant array of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and lively atmosphere at the Encinitas Farmers Market.

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Eco-Friendly Park

City Council Approves New Eco-Friendly Park Development

Learn about the exciting new eco-friendly park coming to Encinitas, designed for sustainability and community enjoyment.

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High School Robotics Team

Local High School Robotics Team Wins National Championship

Celebrate the achievements of Encinitas’ bright young minds as the local high school robotics team secures a national victory.

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Event Calendar

Explore the heart and soul of Encinitas through our comprehensive event calendar. From arts and culture to sports and outdoor adventures, find and plan for the exciting events that bring our community together.

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Browse our interactive calendar to stay up-to-date with local happenings. Whether you’re a fan of live music, farmer’s markets, community workshops, or beach cleanups, there’s something for everyone.

Encinitas Surf Competition | April 12th
Encinitas Surf Competition | April 12th:

Catch the waves and the action at one of the most anticipated surf competitions of the year.

Art in the Gardens | March 5th
Art in the Gardens | March 5th:

A serene day of art displays among the blossoming gardens of Encinitas.

Beach Cleanup Initiative | April 20th
Beach Cleanup Initiative | April 20th:

Join hands in keeping our beaches pristine. A community effort towards sustainability and beauty.

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