DSCF7111 Well this was my scariest, most expensive cut to date. I had to go through 3 inches of concrete, and two inches of wood, in the ground floor of an incredibly expensive house. Thank God I got the cut right the first time. There are no guarantees in the bee removal business, just a series of educated guesses, You have to get into the bee’s mind and figure out the most likely place they built their hive. And then cut the hole in the right place,  Or you end up with a big hole and no bees. In this case that place was on a different floor than where the bees were going in. The owner donned a bee suit and helped me out, Which is great because I can always use an extra set of hands. And their is a bit of karmic value when the owner of the house, plays part in giving their bees a new home. The last shots are of these bees going into their fancy new home. I use a ramp, If you just dump bees into a hive, they sometimes get upset and just leave, If you let them find their own home by climbing up a ramp. They are delighted with themselves for finding this amazing new home, They do better and are less likely to leave. I’d say my favorite part of this job, besides the bees being where I thought they were, Was having a big “B” written on the plans where I thought the bees would be. It is like these bees are so important they deserved a permanent place in the architectural design

DSCF7105 IMG_0023IMG_0023 IMG_0021 IMG_0017 IMG_0013 IMG_0009 IMG_0006 IMG_0001IMG_0023

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