I am now using a laser temperature gauge to pin point where bees are hiding behind walls. Often they are well away from the entrance. These bees were about 4 feet away from where their entrance was. When working on an expensive house. you really want to limit the damage you have to cause to get the bees out. It is essential to get all the comb out. Otherwise the honey, wax and larvae are left unprotected and end up rotting attracting all kinds of unwanted vermin like rats, wax moths and hive beetles. It is a bio hazard of sorts. Poisoning them not only kills the bees. But harms the environment when the poisoned bees are eaten by the likes of blue jays and mockingbirds.  And you still have the problem of all that rotting honey comb in your wall.

   These bees were removed humanly and safely, they will be re queened with a domestic Italian queen and homed with the San Diego Beekeeping society to maintain a healthy bee population

in San Diego

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