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Earth Focus Looks at How Neonicotinoids Pose a Risk to the Food Chain

They’ve been linked to the decline of honeybees and now a growing body of scientists say the world’s most widely used insecticides are also toxic to a wide range of animals including terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, marine life and birds.

Earth Focus presents “Neonicotinoids: The New DDT?” a report investigating the science and controversy behind neonciotinoids, insecticides used on some 200 million acres of US cropland as well as in common home and garden products.

Dr. Christy Morrissey of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada who shows how neonicotinoids affect insect-eating birds. Dr. David Goulson of the University of Sussex in the U.K. demonstrates the impact of these insecticides on bumblebees. And Dr. Craig Downs of the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory in Virginia shares his research findings — that neonicotinoids are mutagenic and immunosuppressive in marine organisms.


The program premieres on KCET (Southern and Central California) on Wednesday, October 22 at 8:30 pm Pacific Time and nationally on on Link TV (DIRECTV 375, DISH Network 9410) on Thursday, October 23 at 9:00 pm Eastern. A press release announcing the broadcast and with more information about the program is attached. 

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