Now that the California E.P.A. has declared round up to cause cancer. Parks and Rec have agreed to completely stop using it in the parks in encinitas .

Roundiup (glyspophates) harm bees in two ways.

1) It kills the Microbes in a bees gut. Just like we depend on probiotics to digest and function properly , so do bees, in fact they use the exact same beneficial bacteria that we do. When bees are exposed to round up they can’t digest their food properly and their over all health declines rapidly.

2) Round up kills the wild yeast bees need to make “Bee Bread” Bee bread is a fermented product that basically pre digests pollen to make it easier for the babies to assimilate food. The process depends on wild yeast to do the digesting, Round up kills the yeast leaving the bees with nothing healthy to feed their young.

So this is great news that parks and rec have stopped using this product. My next goal here in encinitas is to get these toxic chemicals out of the private sector. All I need to do is take on little companies, like Bayer, Monsanto, Home depot And lowes. This should be easy. I should have it done some time next week : )

Just messing, methinks I have my work cut out for me.


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